Fragrance Library


Each of the fragrances featured in the Library tells a story…

Below are our current scents:

Wild Rambling

Pottery colour: Pale pink


At the base of Slieve Donard she followed the river up to the long forgotten garden belonging to the old Lodge and stumbled upon Strawberry Trees, a botanical speciality of Ireland, growing in the wild. The scent reminded her of sweet pink strawberries and rambling red roses hidden in a secret fragrant garden she had never forgotten.

Scent Notes:

Strawberry Edition:

Strawberry, Violet, Rose

Rose Edition:

Bergamot, Rose, Ylang

Irish Hygge


A warm hug on a cold night.  The comforting atmosphere of togetherness, on the sofa, in front of a roaring fire.  This warm, luxurious cinnamon scent is the perfect 'welcome home' from the cold wet rain.

Scent Notes:

Cinnamon, Vanilla Bean, Nutmeg

Lemon Grass Dew

Pottery colour: Sunshine Yellow


Embracing the dew of early mornings and late evenings, it speaks to the adventurer within her soul.  Long walks on the beach and meanders through the meadows followed by fireside chats.  

Time well spent focusing on wellness and creativity with the refreshing scent of lemongrass for re-energising the as yet unexplored paths.

Scent Notes:

Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Rose

Soft Day

Pottery colour: Grey


The Mountains are dotted with cottages nestled beside colourful gardens. When the rain is misty and the drizzle lingers in the warm air we call it a ‘Soft Day’. This is when the fragrance of the gardens are at their most exquisite.  The summer cottage garden blended with the smoke of a real turf fire perfume the gentle rain, with memories of distant past and the promise of a good tomorrow. 

Scent Notes:

Incense, Jasmine, Vetivert

Sea Lavender

Pottery colour: Pale Cream


At the base of the Mountains from Carlingford Lough to Dundrum Inner Bay, the salt marshes are ablaze in summer with dense cloud-like sprays of lavender blue flowers. Sit by the shore and daydream. For sometimes, rest is the most productive thing you can do to nourish both body and soul.

Scent Notes:

Lavender, Amber, Precious Woods

Midnight Walk

Pottery colour: Midnight Blue


Treading a well worn path, her breath lingers in the misty air as the invisible becomes visible.  In the darkness the fragrance of the woods and fresh flowers envelope her in a soft musk scent lighting up the path ahead, breathing life back into her hopes and dreams.

Scent Notes: 

Jasmine, Iris, Fir Balsam

Hazy Day

Pottery colour: Seaspray Blue


When the sunshine is hidden in mist but the haze shines with the promise of a gloriously sunny day, we make plans with the hope of sparkling seas and cloudless skies. 

Scent Notes:

Coconut, floral notes, musk